puurola2  © Markus Hangelin

Hi there! I’m Eveliina. You will most probably meet me sooner or later if you’re going to get yourself a porridge, so why not introduce you to the story and myself now?

The idea of Puurola (“porridgeland”, directly translated) started in 2014 when my sister and I took part in Restaurant Day, a fresh Finnish concept where anyone can run their own restaurant on a given day. After participating for three times I was getting more and more attracted by the idea of turning it into something permanent. A cafe, maybe? I did not know yet what it would become, but most definitely something.

At that point I was very interested in healthy food and its nutritional benefits, preferred vegetarian and gluten-free dishes and always opted for organic produce when possible. I often found myself out of options and thinking about how come there were not that many healthy and energising meal options out there to buy – especially when in a hurry – and I wanted to contribute in changing that. That was the kick-off for Puurola.

So suddenly, summer of 2015, I was out there – up and biking around town with a bunch of porridge with me. It was not a cafe, but it was much better. People quickly got used to what had seemed odd at first: the sight of a girl standing on the street, with nothing but her bike and her porridge. Soon from then it started trending and we – the porridge, the bike and I – were given an unexpected amount of publicity in the national media.

It was great: the porridge, the biking, the summer. But quickly it turned into fall and I had to go and continue my business studies up north. Luckily there were a few cafes and supermarkets in Helsinki that were interested in selling our products, so I could still – with the irreplaceable help of my sister and close friend – spread the porridge love. And come this day, I still am.

So, that is the tale of that story! For now. Like all stories, it will continue to grow as we do: the porridge, the bike and I.